Before you mount your Wang Anchor bracket here are a few things to consider.

  1. Is your boat on a level surface port to starboard?
  2. Will the position you have chosen make the anchor come in contact with your poling platform?
  3. When deploying your Wang Anchor do you have at least 1” clearance from your trim tabs?
  4. Will the Wang Anchor be in your way when poling your boat in its ready position?
  5. Will the water leaving the hull come into contact with the bracket thus creating spray?
  6. The final thing to inspect is your transom thickness. On some boats the manufactures have opted to decrease the transom thickness dramatically away from where your motor mounts (if in your case the transom is thin in the area you have chosen to mount your bracket thru bolting would be advised instead of the supplied screws) 1/4 20 hardware is readily available at any hardware store.

Once you have got the placement on your bracket decided hold the bracket up to the transom at the highest point possible leaving ¼” space between the bracket and the hull lip or rub rail and mark a single hole. I find it best to mark a top one.

Now that you have a hole marked use a 7/32nd bit to drill into your transom when using the supplied hardware and a 5/16th if you plan to thru bolt it. Note: some transoms are made of a foam core material this is common in the industry and is no cause for alarm this material is generally very strong and has high thread adhesion especially when 5200 is applied.

Now that you have your hole drilled dry fit your bracket to the transom using the single mounting point. We find it best to use a manual screw driver. With the bracket snug to your transom use a level to insure the bracket is vertical.

Place the anchor in the bracket to get a visual reference. By doing this you can see the vertical axis of the anchor before continuing.

Once you are confident that your vertical axis is correct mark the remaining 3 holes remove the anchor from the bracket, remove the single fastener and drill your newly marked holes.

With all of the mounting holes drilled add a bead of 5200 to the back plate of the bracket just enough to get coverage when it is tightened to the transom. Place the mounting hardware in one of the bracket mounting holes (if using the supplied hardware applies some 5200 to the screw tip) and start the fastener.

Do not tighten it down all the way; just start it. Do the same for the remaining fasteners and slowly tighten each pulling the bracket to the transom. Once all fasteners are tight wait about 30 minutes and tighten more if needed sometimes if to much 5200 was applied the pressure from tightening will force out the excess leaving the fasteners a little loose.


You have just completed your Wang Anchor bracket installation!

Now, go “Hang out with you Wang out!”