Thousands of people who reach for their Wang Anchor when they need to anchor their bay boat, skiff, or kayak in shallow water.

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Wang Anchor - Manual Shallow Water Anchor

The “Wang Anchor” is the latest and the greatest tool in shallow water anchoring. It was designed by a boater, for boaters, to anchor, stake out, and use as a push pole. Use it to anchor, stake out, and/or use as a push pole. You won’t believe how much quicker and easier the Wang Anchor is when compared to the traditional anchor/chain/mud/rope!

The Wang Anchor is made of a 3/4″ solid fiberglass rod which is extremely durable and UV resistant. After extensive field testing with a number of other materials we found solid fiberglass to be the most exceptional, especially after pairing it with our new machined Stainless steel tip which we introduced in early 2011.

  • Spencer Goodwin
    I have used the Wang for everything from simply staking out in shallow water, to poling to spooky fish, to dropping through my scupper holes to make a quick stop to prevent a feisty snook from beating me to the bushes. No matter what the situation, the Wang Anchor has come through for me.
    Spencer Goodwin
  • Sam Root
    On a hard packed sandy bottom, the Wang Anchor stopped so darn fast it surprised me, I almost fell off the platform! This thing works great! Every boat that needs to anchor in skinny water at times needs one of these
    Sam Root
  • John Wilson
    It works even better than I thought it would. Even with all the wind from storms, the Wang holds with no problems.
    John Wilson
  • Capt. Jason Lineberger
    Very useful for anchoring and making boat adjustments!
    Capt. Jason Lineberger
  • Capt. Dave Walker
    We tested the Wang Anchor and the custom Wang bracket for over two years to insure longevity and durability on my 23 Hydra-Sports Bay Bolt. It’s the best accessory I have on my boat. I could’t imagine not having one.
    Capt. Dave Walker

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