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The “Wang Anchor” is the latest and the greatest tool in shallow water anchoring. It was designed by a boater, for boaters, to anchor, stake out, and use as a push pole. Use it to anchor, stake out, and/or use as a push pole.  You won’t believe how much quicker and easier the Wang Anchor is when compared to the traditional anchor/chain/mud/rope!

The Wang Anchor is made of a 3/4″ solid fiberglass rod which is extremely durable and UV resistant.  After extensive field testing with a number of other materials we found solid fiberglass to be the most exceptional, especially after pairing it with our new machined Stainless steel tip which we introduced in early 2011.

The new Wang Stainless Steel Tip eliminates the wear and tear on the tip of the anchor, which not only extends the life of your anchor but looks good too even after many seasons of heavy use.  Similar products are just ground to a point, which wears the anchor quickly and produces splintering of the fiberglass which can be dangerous.  We also sell the tip separately for older Wang Anchors and for use with most hydraulic and electric anchoring systems with a ¾ inch shaft.

The handle is a custom molded “Y” shape, which provides comfortable leverage when using your hand or foot to push the anchor into the sea bottom.  It can also be used for quietly adjusting the position of your boat or kayak, fending of docks, seawalls and other structure. All Wang Anchors come with a high density EVA foam for added comfort and durability.

The Wang Anchor is extremely durable and it is a lot easier to penetrate the bottom with it compared to a traditional push pole or stake-out pole. It comes in a standard length of 8′ but it can be ordered in custom lengths at no extra charge.

The Wang Anchor comes in a standard length of 8′ but it can be ordered in custom lengths at no extra charge.

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At 3/4″ thick, the Wang Anchor easily passes through scuppers on most kayaks. When you want to stake out, a simple push and it’s done! You’re staying put! This is handy when you need to leave your kayak in a hurry to chase after that prize fish or to retrieve items that have fallen overboard, or to simply hold your kayak stationary while you stealthily wade to your secret spot. Even if you fail to penetrate the bottom, the Wang Anchor will not lose its holding power. It will continue to hold your kayak in position or at the very least severely slow the progress of your kayak because it will not float up like many other materials.

Did we mention that you can use the handle to push off of oyster bars, trees, or as a push pole?

Many kayakers believe that the Wang Anchor is a must have on their “Yak”. Once you have one on yours, you will too!